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Do you play outdoors?

Yes. That said the weather must be reasonably cooperative for an outdoor performance to work. Excessive cold or any precipitation and we will go running for cover. The damage to our instruments from adverse weather could cost thousands to repair. We do ask that we be provided a shaded area to play in. Natural shade is ok but please plan on providing an awning or tent if no natural shade is available. Wind is ok as long as it doesn't blow our music stands over.


Do we need to provide anything else?


We will need 3 chairs with no arms and a space to set up. An area 8’ by 8’ is usually sufficient.


How does the Trio usually dress?

Our dress code is usually formal. We can do full tuxedo and long dresses or simple black and white if you prefer. If your wedding has a theme we may be able to accommodate you.


I have a singer performing at my ceremony. Can you play with him/her?

Yes we can. Depending on the piece of music we may need to create an arrangement of the piece, or simply get a copy of the music so that we can figure out what and when we need to play. We will also need to meet with the singer ahead of time to rehearse, 30 minutes of rehearsal sometime before the prelude is usually sufficient. 


Will you attend the wedding rehearsal?

We do not usually attend rehearsals. It is enough for us to know what pieces you need for each part of the bridal procession (if there is more than one) and how many people are coming in during each piece.


You say you take requests, can you play popular songs from the radio?

Yes. However, songs that you hear on the radio are not usually written, or available, for string trio. We would need to purchase the music and then arrange it for string trio, there is an extra charge associated with this as it can be time consuming. Please let us know about any special requests well in advance.



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